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Preschool Program

(3-4 Years)

Continuing where our two’s left off, our three year olds engage in many more hands-on activities through our thematic units and STEAM activities. We balance plenty of collaborative learning centers, with social-emotional learning, fine arts, and free play.

Independence Journey Program

Here at Children’s Land we enhance the three year-olds joy of learning by using research based practices. This environment promotes exploration and creativity. Through the Independence Journey Program, our staff will guide the children into more fun and challenging activities stimulating the students’ desire to learn. This strong foundation helps the child prepare for the challenges and skills needed for Pre-Kindergarten.


Language Arts and Literature

  • Learning to write names with crayons
  • Learning more advanced and unfamiliar vocabulary
  • Start reciting poems and songs
  • Learning about emotions and how characters feel in stories

Mathematics and Science

  • Building towers using blocks
  • Counting blocks and sorting by color
  • Starting to learn simple patterns
  • Discussing what the children observe while the garden sprouts. *Varies by location
  • Using clay and playdough to create simple shapes and designs

Social and Emotional Growth

  • Learning about different cultures through dances and stories
  • Starting to go to on field trips
  • Learning confidence and self-awareness in and out of classroom

Motor Development

  • Bouncing and catching a ball
  • Playing on more advanced playground equipment
  • Practicing various dance moves and yoga poses in dance class

Questions and Answers

At Children’s Land we are a tree nut and peanut-free school. We take allergies very seriously and keep allergy lists in every classroom.

No. We provide a variety of healthy, age-appropriate meals and snacks for children to eat each day. We cater our food from a high-end distributor and it is made fresh every day using organic ingredients. We pride ourselves on the food we provide at the daycare as our students' health is a top priority.

Our director will call the designated adult from your Emergency Information Form so that your child can be picked up as soon as possible. While your child waits to be picked up we will isolate him/her from the rest of the children and let him/her relax.

Children’s Land does not use verbal or physical punishment under any circumstance. Our staff uses positive redirection to understand the child’s feelings and emotions while teaching them problem-solving techniques and self-calming activities.

Yes, if the weather is permitting we try and take our children outside everyday. The parents must provide the clothing needed for group walks and playground play.

Yes. There are cameras in every room of the facility. When entering the facility there are monitors setup so that parents can observe without interrupting class.

Every teacher at Children’s Land meets or exceeds the state requirements for child care providers. Every year our staff go through mandatory workshops to receive ongoing professional development. Prior to employment we require background checks through local and state agencies.

At Children’s Land health and safety is a top priority of ours. We have put new rules in place that will help slow the spread of Covid-19. These rules focus on social distancing, disinfection, and symptom monitoring. The protocol varies based on location and level of outbreak. Our end goal is to uphold the highest level of health and safety precautions for our staff and families.

Your preschooler will naturally start taking pride in doing things on his/her own. Our staff encourages the students to explore and further develop socially/emotionally, motor skills and will continue to work on language arts, mathematics and science.

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