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We are so sad to leave Children’s Land in Lincolnshire. The director Irina and all of the teachers have been extraordinarily nurturing, loving and beyond for both of my Childrrn. We have been at Children’s land for over 7 years (combined for 2 children) and are going off to school. We will miss you and visit you as often as we good.

Michelle Verde

My 3 year old daughter has been attending Children's Land for almost a year and she has learned so much since going here. The facility is nice and clean, the staff is awesome! I’d like to thank the entire staff and specifically miss Ani, she is our first and favorite teacher. Miss Ani and all teachers really make an effort to engage the kids and develop them in a very individualised way...

Aia Dos

We have been together with this place for five years. Both my kids enjoyed being there. You feel like it is a second home for you child and don’t feel guilty leaving him there and going to work. Because they love that place. Such a great and kind care. Teachers are not just professionals, they are good loving persons. That is what you want for your child. The director Oksana has a special place in our heart. She is amazing. We went trough a hard times, she always was there for us. Thank you so much Childrens Land Wheeling team and Oksana who drives that team to success! We will miss you for sure.

Rezeda Yavarovich
2 months ago

Our sons have attended Children's Land Mt. Prospect since it opened last fall. We are so happy with the facility, leadership, and staff. Any question I have had has been promptly answered by the director with thoughtfulness and care. In the morning drop off is a breeze because they are so ready to see their teachers, friends, and have a day of fun and learning! We are very glad to have found this center.

Lori Avdoian
5 months ago

We have been with them since they opened last year and we are having a very good Experince with them. My daughter loves her teacher and communication with the director is A+.

Anastasia Barbuta
4 months ago

I’ve been recommending CL in Lincolnshire to everyone! The director and the teachers are simply wonderful! My kids have loved their experience there - they learn so much every day and have grown to love their teachers! If you are looking for a daycare for your kids - you will love CL in Lincolnshire!

Anna W
5 months ago

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